MLB – 1981 – Special – CNN Keith Olbermann Reporting On The MLB Strike Ending


The 1981 Major League Baseball strike was the first work stoppage in Major League Baseball since the 1972 Major League Baseball strike that resulted in regular season games being cancelled. Overall, it was the 4th work stoppage since 1972, but actions in 1973, 1976, and 1980 did not result in any regular season games being cancelled. The strike began on June 12 and forced the cancellation of 713 games (or 38% of the Major League schedule) in the middle of the regular season. The two sides reached an agreement on July 31st….and play resumed on August 9 with the All-Star Game….when regular season play would resume one day later.  

An estimated US $146 million was lost in player salaries….ticket sales….broadcast revenues….and concession revenues. The players lost $4 million a week in salaries….while the owners suffered a total loss of $72 million.  This CNN broadcast was most likely on July 31st when the news 1st broke that the strike was ending….as their broadcast sports crew of Len Berman amd Nick Charles pass the camera to Keith Olbermann….who provides his take on the strike ending.  This video is just another piece of MLB history….and we are ecstatic to have it here in our video museum. 

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