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Music – 1947 – Bing Crosby + Bob Hope – Good Ole Harmony – Song & Dance From Movie Variety Girl

Bob Hope and Bing Crosby went together like “cream and sugar” or”sugar and spice” or “horse and carriage”…..as they teamed up to create the perfect partnership of comedy, music and entertainment…..while starring in the seven “Road Show” movies they made with Dorothy Lamour….and “They Got Me Covered”…..”The Princess and The Pirate”….“My Favorite Brunette”….“Son of Paleface”….“Alias, Jesse James”….“Cancel My Reservation”….and in dang near every one of them….Hope and Crosby did either a comedy routine or a song and dance routine….as seen in this video herewith….which is an excerpt from the 1947 movie “Variety Girl”….when they sing “Good Ole Harmony”….and any way you cut the pie….these two legendary entertainers were simply like “cream and sugar”.

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