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Music – 1984 – John Williams Boston Pops – Beethoven Ode To Joy – Highlights Of The L A Olympics

For a Sportsphile, there is nothing more magical than a really great piece of music put to highlights of really outstanding athletic endeavors….for this combination of music and sport is truly a match made in Heaven….so, when a Sportsphile gets to watch a video clip like this one….where legendary ABC Olympic  sportscaster Jim McKay introduces highlights of the 1984 Winter and Summer Games…..and those highlights are put to John Williams and The Boston Pops performing Beethoven’s “Ode To Joy” …..that is when magic and memories appear. 

On the day that this video was being posted at ImaSportsphile.com….Bone Daddy, the original Sportsphile, was in the office….and he came up to my desk, just as I was watching this video for necessary information for my post….so, when the video finished…..I turned to Bone Daddy…..and tears were running down his face….for he was experiencing his own Ode To Joy…..when he simply said….“I got to see so many of those events highlighted in that video. I am such a fortunate man, to have seen so many great athletic achievements while setting an Olympic fan record that will never be broken, it can only be tied, after seeing a live event in every Olympic discipline that medals were competed for.”

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