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NFL – 1970s – Film – Son Of Football Follies – Narrated By Elmer Fudd + Daffy Duck + Yosemite Sam


This lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile has posted some 2000 vintage videos….of which many are absolutely priceless in their historic content….but none tickle my tail section quite like the NFL Films production “The Son of Football Follies”….as we are fortunate to have the son’s father, “Football Follies”, also posted within the walls of this vintage video museum.  We have expressed our opinion on several occasions regarding how we feel that what Ed and Steve Sabol were able to do with sports films (NFL films in this case) during the decade of the 1970’s….set the “gold standard for sports film productions”

Our opinion in these regards is evidenced by this video herewith….as NFL Films provides the view with a nearly 30 minutes of some serious “stumblin’….bumblin’…..fumblin'” football….which in and of itself….is really funny….and once you add in the hilarious narration of Elmer Fudd….Daffy Duck….Yosemite Sam et al….with wonderful spurts” of NFL Films legendary voice…John Facenda….and you have MUST SEE TV.

For this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile…..this video itches me so good….right at that spot where my back ends and my tail begins….you know, the spot that when itched really good….makes one of my legs start moving like I’m running….so, I just say….ENJOY!!!!   

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