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NFL – 1986 – Allie Sherman Chalkboard Showcase Of The Bears Dominating Defense Prior To Lions On MNF

During the mid-1980’s, ESPN was just beginning to get its foot in the door with the NFL for being able to provide live game broadcasts in the future….as their first foray was with their Monday Night Match Up Show……which was hosted by legendary ESPN sportscaster Chris Berman and former NFL player /  coach, Allie Sherman….who filled the position as NFL analyst the program….with this particular match up being between the reigning Super Bowl champions Chicago Bears verses Detroit Lions….when Coach Sherman goes to the chalkboard to show how the Bears defense is able to dominate. 

These were the Ditka Bears…..and their defense was something to behold….with Richard Dent, Refrigerator Perry, Dan Hampton and Steve McMichael up front….along with Mike Singletary and Wilbur Marshall at linebacker….plus Dave Duerson and Gary Fencik as safeties…..and that pretty much tells the whole story.

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