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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – Field Hockey – Womens Bronze Match – USA VS AUS


Since Bone Daddy saw a live event in every sport (26) at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics….there were a few sports that he had never seen live before….synchronized swimming, field hockey, fencing, equestrian and team handball….and after seeing a live event of each of those sports….he made the comment about field hockey….cuz he got to watch the men from Pakistan play field hockey….the team that won gold and were definitely the best team in the ’84 Games….but Bone Daddy says his expectations going into seeing the game were that it would be a pretty physical game….and it was….but he was amazed at how precise and creative the players were with their “goofy looking stick-bats and their balls…..for I can relate to that….cuz as a small short-legged dog….I see lots of goofy sticks and balls when I am hanging-out with all my street buds.  

Anyway, Bone Daddy said that the game with the Pakis (team from Pakistan) wasn’t quite as physical as ice hockey….but very similar in every other regard…..especially the craftsmanship of shots and passes with those goofy sticks.

In this video, ABC’s Jim Lampley delivers content that is absolutely historic in Olympic field hockey….cuz the USA girls are playing for the 1st ever medal to be won by an American field hockey team (men’s or women’s)….plus, due to the fact that the Dutch beat the Aussies by a score of 2 – 0 in the gold medal game….that left the USA and Australian teams tied at for 3rd with 5 points each with 9 goals scored and 4 goals against….as Olympic rules call for a shoot-out with 5 women from each team shooting 2 penalty shots each….and this too was historic in Olympic history.

USA goalie Gwen Cheeseman was the games hero….by blocking 5 of the 10 shots by Australia in the shoot-out.

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