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Music – 1980 – The Olympic Choir – Star Spangled Banner – Closing Ceremony Of The Lake Placid Games

Olympic Games ceremonies of the Ancient Olympic Games were an integral part of these Games….as the modern Olympic games have opening, closing and medal ceremonies. Some of the elements of the modern ceremonies harken back to the Ancient Games from which the Modern Olympics draw their ancestry…..as an example of this is the prominence of Greece in both the opening and closing ceremonies…..as well as the National Anthem of the host country…..as seen in this video herewith….when The Olympic Choir sings the Star Spangled Banner at the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Games closing ceremony. 

While the presentation of the Games has evolved with improvements in technology….and the desire of the host nations to showcase their own artistic expression….the basic events of each ceremony have remained unchanged…..and the presentation of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies continue to increase in scope, scale and expense with each successive celebration of the Games….but they still remain steeped in tradition…..and therefore, the playing of the host nation’s national anthem will continue to be a part of that tradition.

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