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NFL – 1985 Madden All Pro Linebackers – Lawrence Taylor & Mike Singletary


In this lil ole chiweenie sportsphile’s opinion….any time I get to hear and see John Madden…..it just makes me feel good….cuz there’s something about the combination of his significant physical stature….his energy and enthusiams for all things that he love…..the way explained with a piece of chalk and a knowledge of the game….and how he could work in a BAM!!! into every play….was and still is….just pure joy for a sports fan who loves the NFL.  John Madden taught the NFL to the American television fan….he was the maestro.

Then when you get treated to vintage footage of two NFL Hall of Fame linebackers….NY Giants Lawrence Taylor and Chicago Bears Mike Singletary……along with Madden….makes this video even more worthy of watching.  I actually have seen a great deal of Mike Singletary history….cuz he was a good ole Texas boy out of Houston Worthing High School….and if my memory is correct….Bone Daddy saw Singletary in the Texas State High School Playoffs in or around 1978. Anyway, BD saw him play throughout his college career as a member of the Baylor Bears football team….since they played the Texas Longhorns in interconference play in the Southwest Conference….which was one of the greatest NCAA conferences of all time….and then he became a Chicago Bear….where he steadfastly secured the position of 2nd best Bear linebacker in history…..2nd only to the incomparable Dick Butkus. If Singletary were on 20 different other teams instead of the best….he would b e holding down the # 1 position…and that’s too bad cuz he deserves top billing just like Lawrence Taylor.

Since Bone Daddy loves the Texas Longhorns and the Dallas Cowboys  (he also loved the Oilers when Bum and Earl were there)…..I obviously became a  fan of both teams too….so the Giants were my most hated NFL team…..but as a true Sportsphile….you have to give credit where credit is due….so, when Lawrence Taylor roamed the field during his career….he was a beast like no other during his time…..who seemed to be unaminously considered the most feared player in football during his time from 1981 – 1993…..and if I’m not mistaken….Taylor and Singletary were drafted in 1981.

However, the question that I continue to ask about Lawrence Taylor is…..How good would he have been if he hand the concentration on his profession the Singletary had?…..but regardless, this video is well worth the watch…..Madden, Taylor and Singletary…..does it get any better than that!?




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