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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – Water Polo – USA VS Holland – 2nd Period


Bone Daddy was sports chairman for his fraternity….and the sport of water polo was one of the 15+ sports that the Delts at UT competed for University championships throughout the school year.  I have often heard stories about the water polo guys….mostly about girls they knew….cuz all the guys that play water polo….have lots of girlfriends. If you look at the guys in the picture above and then looked at a picture of say, Bone Daddy….do I need to say more!?!  So, when you have laid around the sofas where the guys sit and talk sports like I have done all my life….when you have put in as much “time in service” as I have in the story listening department…..then you know the truth is….they all end up talking more about the girls than they do the sports…..therefore, just putting it simply….those water polo guys got the girls and lots of them….shoot, the dual combo of the surfer dude / water polo player…..was definitely a player cuz to hear Bone Daddy put it….that player was in such demand that even had a different lady every night…..and all of them hot, by any standard any time.  All you HUMANS may not understand this…..but this lil ole Chiweenie would let any of those “web-footed” fellas in the picture above…..leave his shoes under my bed at night.  

So here’s my final conclusion…..the reason for all of this is cuz it must be in the water….cuz every surfer, swimmer, pearl diver and water polo guy that ever crossed my path….they “all had that look” and they all had the girls….as country singer / songwriter Ed Bruce says in a song…..”there are girls….there’s women….and there’s ladies….cuz there’s no’s….there’s yes’s….and there’s maybe’s” ….kinda sums it all up.

Oh, and be sure that you watch this video and the 2nd Period of the water polo match between the USA vs Holland at the 1984 L A Games.

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