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Boxing – Heavyweight Title – WBC Champ Mike Tyson VS WBA Champ Pinklon Thomas


Over the years, there have been so many things written and published about Iron Mike Tyson….the last legendary heavyweight of the golden age of boxing….and so very few positive words were ever written about this glorious gladiator and what he did outside of the ring….but at the core of this champion’s heart….is a kind a gentle man….who has love in his heart…..for the first 9 minutes of this video provides evidence of this truth about the man.

HBO is to be applauded for the wonderful piece they did prior to the Pinklon Thomas title fight….a introspective look at Iron Mike outside of the ring….showing the breadth and depth of Tyson’s heart….as they give the viewing public a look at his personal involvement in New York City’s Young Adult Institute program….and how ex-Yankee pitcher, Jim Bouton, brought Tyson into the YAI family….showing the love and contribution that he made in these people’s lives.  YAI is a non-profit entity that provides an array of services to mentally-challenged people of NYC….and Bouton brought Tyson into the fold to help raise money for the YAI program….but little did he know what Iron Mike would really bring to the table.  As you watch this piece on the “outside the ring” champion….I think you will agree with me that it provides a much different perspective of the man than the tabloids of the time provided….for probably like this lil ole Chiweenie Sportsphile….your opinion of Mike Tyson just might change dramatically.

Tyson’s opponent in this title fight was Pinklon Thomas….who had turned professional after just three amateur fights….and with a record of 24-0-1….would finally get his World title shot against reigning WBC champion Tim Witherspoon in August 1984, in Las Vegas, NV….which he won after a hard fought 12-round battle over “Terrible” Tim Witherspoon on August 31, 1984. Ten months later, he defended his title against ex-champion Mike Weaver….stopping Weaver with a single punch in the eighth round. Thomas lost the WBC title to Trevor Berbick in March 1986 by a decision…to which Thomas came back and reeled off three KO wins before setting up a May 1987 challenge to WBC and WBA Heavyweight champion Mike Tyson….seen in this fight herewith. Although Thomas allegedly took the fight with a serious shoulder injury….he enjoyed success out-jabbing Tyson. After a long break for a torn glove, action resumed in the 6th round where Tyson knocked Thomas out with a brutal fifteen punch salvo….knocking the extremely durable Thomas down for the first and last time in his lengthy career. Although he got up inside the count, the fight was waved off.

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