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Comedy – 1981 – Red Skelton Mime – The Birth Life And Death Of A Flower

We at Imasportsphile owe so much of our popularity to comedian extraordinaire Red Skelton…. for he has brought literally millions of viewers to our vintage video library that is being posted herewith. 

America’s Clown Prince….as we like to refer to him….has generated some 5,000 comments over the past 3 years….which has taught us a great deal about what an incredible entertainer and human being that he was.

Simply put, Red Skelton was a master of the entire spectrum of comedy…..from situation to stand up to clowning around to mime comedy….it doesn’t matter…..for he mastered them all…while performing with humility and dignity….as we are proud to have every foot of video that we has of him performing…..so, enjoy his portrayal of The Birth Life and Death of a Flower.

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